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Welcome to Pet Planet

Give your dog a complete nutritious diet by choosing from a great selection of top dog food brands like N&D, Vet Pro at our store. Dog Planet understands the concern of all the dog lovers and so makes available both canned and uncanned food in Dehradun. Visit the shop to find dog supplies including dry and wet dog food, dog snacks, vet dog food, dog treats, pedigree, chicken & liver chunks and frozen dog food from a range of brands. Use our guide to find the right item for your faithful friend.
Run and managed by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta today Dog Planet is one of the leading pet store specializing in dog food items in Dehradun. The team of the store has nothing in common except for the zeal and love towards the canines. Not just food items, here you will also find out bowls, dog chains, collars, powders, combs and many other dog and puppy supplies.
Himself a veterinarian Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta is expert in treating puppies and dogs of every breed. He can recommend the right diet for puppies, adults, or older less active dogs. It is always recommended to consult him to know in detail about foods specifically intended for consumption by dogs. Till date, he has treated dogs suffering from weight gain, allergies or other contamination issues.
Located in the prime area of the city Dog Planet remains open all through the day. Visit the store to buy the right item because a healthy dog is a happy dog.